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Only a couple of days since our last update. We are slowing down ;-) Life is very chilled. I’m typing this from my hammock on our balcony after a days’

We met a couple from London on the thongshaw on the way here a few days ago. We hooked up with them last night for a few beers and a BBQ at the main beach hut/bar. He;s a DJ (I laughed previously with K about how long it would take to meet a DJ – I think everyone is these days). Chris and SlavKa – I mention their names as I’m pleased that I can remember. The Gins here should be illegal. I’m having to work hard on remembering names – most are foreign – and you will all know how crap I am with names. With the foreign ones I have to put a lot of effort into word association so I can remember them. “Slave Car” – that’s my method of remembering SlavKa (- Chris is easy – hi bro )

I spoke again with a German sounding chap and his bird today. He introduced himself as what I assumed was “Hans”. His name is Alex.

The main beach bar here is so laid back it’s horizontal (the Raggae bar). A bunch of Checks (spelling?) rock each day on a boat and listen to reggae and get stoned beyond reason. It’s very funny to see.

We are discovering the other bars dotted around the place (about 4 ish we think to far) and they each have a slightly different feel, menu, and of course, location - There is one very high up – you can see it I think in the previous blog pictures – we are saving ourselves for that one – it gets the sun at 5pm ish and looks a great place for drinks.

I’m sipping red wine form cups K has made form cutting water bottles in half. She’s also done the washing in the sink today and hung it up. She’s fast becoming Elma Flintstone.

The cold showers are getting “easier”. I’ve found it’s a matter of making sure you splash all parts of yourself 1st, then get in, then do not under any circumstances remove any part from the shower until you are done (thanks to K for passing me shampoo, soap, towel)

After the last email / update I sent –we went and bought essentials – a 1 to 4 way plug extension lead. Now I can charge everything! – btw – my solar panels are working a treat! – just not enough juice for the laptops.

Kirstin already has two Kaftans and I’m certain she is planning more.

My wine is running low – going to see if she’ll bring a refill to the hammock (she’s typing her memoirs – they started very Victorian like and I suggested she might like to write like someone of her own age lol )

It’s working – she’s coming with wine…got some!

We put in our 1st proper day of sunbathing today. It was dreamy. We were both lying parallel, on our identical beach towels, on our backs, oiled up, buth plugged in with small earphones to my walkman listening to “Chicane – far from the maddening crowd” – it felt like the opening scene in the film “Sexy Beast” (music excepted). We both sat up and looked out to sea, and smiled. Did I mention it was very laid back here? (  )

Then it got surreal – a pirate-like feaux-wooden ship came round the corner with trance/rave music blasting out, loads of good bass, and then headed into the bay – it was packed with shirtless ravers and dropouts having a big party. Very very loud. The tranquillity of the idyl was smashes, but in an amusingly shocking way – it was just not what us (and it seems most others) expected.

Some chap was permanently twirling a fire stick – he had a horrific hair cut – all bald to 2/3 the way back, then in resumed into a long pony tail – bit like a Mohican with a bad receding problem. Another chap was just wearing a kilt. Not odd that he was “just” wearing a kilt. The kilt. They all jumped off the ship and headed straight to the main reggae bar after asking people where they were. They joined the Checks . We ran to a quite bar 

It’s funny – that’s what we are discovering about this part of the world. Nothing is a surprise and everyone is out to have fun. It’s nice when the noisy people leave though 

We’ve definitely decided to stay here for a good 3 weeks minimum. Chris and Slavka went on a tour around the island and agreed with our initial suggestion that this probably can’t be beat, and even if it can, why waste time searching when it’s this good. Oh I’m so wise.

Might be able to get on the web more easily soon. We have a Web Café of sorts here, but it’s down due to “Internet problems”. I saw some staff walking in with a whole new PC this morning. I’m guessing their problems were more than just “Internet”.

Other braking news:

Even little parts of jellyfish sting
Chang beer is cheap because it’s too strong
I read books a lot with little Internet access
Hamocks rock
Kirstin loves shopping more than she lets on

Can someone let me know how you can tell if a star is a star or a satellite? We are debating this but don’t really have a clue. Also an email with a star chart would be grand – no we are not becoming hippies, but we are both trying to identify constellations with little success.

R&K x


Note to self to add dodgey photobucket link in blog

Oh yeah! - I'm uploading pics and videos to my photobucket site:


Keep an eye on it!

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