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Hello all! Been a while! - We've mainy been chilling out (what a suprise). It's good - we do very little and spend very little. Can't be a bad thing. We've explored a little more and found a free Wi-Fi cafe up the road. I fixed their wireless network for them so the lady owner is a major fan now. She brought me out her cell phone the other day to fix - she's got me sussed. It's been useful and gave us the chance to Skype Mum & Dad and Steve. It also gives me somewhere to play poker without constantly getting disconnected. I went up the other day and managed to win enough to cover our rent for four days :-)

I can't get access to any of my poker funds though. I accessed my online poker "bank account" and got immediately suspended for trying to access it in Thailand - a banned country. Marvelous - my poker winnings all locked up until we get to China. The support people were infuriating - I explained that we are travelling for several years and they kept saying "so, you've moved to Thailand then?" - nope! - "So you don't live in London any more?" - YES we do! etc etc. Futile. Ahh well - at least I'm winning :-)

We found a shortcut along the beach to the wi-fi cafe which ends with us walking through quite a poor suburban area. We spotted a communal outside toilet which is the exact polar opposite of private!


Bear in mind that's a "squat" loo too - you don't sit down on it. You get the picture!

Still loving our accomodation. We've got on top of the wildlife issues now. I'm still a little twitchy in bed at night but we seem to be OK and we don't run at the sight of bugs. Saying that, we have a resident woo-woo bird that lives in a coconut tree above us (K called them woo-woo birds as she knows them from HongKong and they constantly go "woo woo"). Their woo-woo's escalate in pitch and ferrocity until it seems like they should explode in a ball of feathers. But they don't , they just start again. The one that lives above us wakes up at about 5am. I'm getting some earplugs. I've been woken every single morning. There is also a bird that sounds exactly like our old alarm clock, and another one that sounds like a burglar alarm. Oh, and one that makes "computer" noises. No other way to describe it really.

We also have a sand crab in the bathroom, it's dug a hole in the floor round the shower. We've never seen it but we know the signs. Hole, large pile of sand. The pile of sand has progressively got bigger to the point we think we may actually have a sand lobster instead. There is so much sand I actaully checked the outside of the wall to see if he's managed to "get out". No signs of that yet.

It's so relaxed here, yet funny little things happen here and there you don't expect. I was lying in my hammock one afternoon, soaking up the sun. Our resort was basially empty. No one around. Then funky house music started coming from the bar area and we were sure it was being mixed on decks live. I wandered over to the bar and discovered a small DJ booth I'd never noticed before and Lap, one of the staff here, was donning his "cans" and mixing up some mildly cheesy music with a grin on his face. Didn't really expect that.


Kirstin spends a fair amount of time searching for waxing salons. They don't seem to keen on it here and we can't figure out why. Still, it keeps her entertained. I'm saving my next haircut until I absolutley have to.

We did what's called a "Visa Run" yesterday. Basically our visas run out a week after Matt and Justin arrive tomorrow so we payed £20 each and got an aircon minivan down to the Malaysian border. Our driver, a hobbling Thai, was drinking Red Bull and popping caffeine tablets at 7am when he picked us up. Not a good sign. We reckon he hadn't slept the previous night. So off we zoomed (it's a 12 hour round trip including ferry crossings and the actual visa part) with terrible DVD movies playing. When we approached the Malay border we drove through a 1/2 mile of street market that is there purely to feed off the visa tourist market. It's a surreal experience. You go to a booth, get stamped out of Thailand, then cross the border, stamp into Malaysia, then about turn 180 degrees and immediatly stamp out of Malaysia at a window right next to the one you stamp in. Then you walk back into Thailand and stamp back in again and get a new 30 day visa exemption. The whole process takes about 30 minutes. As always, one of the police stopped me and examined my passport and I got all the usual questions....

"You from London?", "yes", "you know David Beckham". "no", "you Roger?", "yes", "you Roger Moore!", "haha, yes, that's right, I'm Mr Bond". They all do this. But this time he added a twist when he looked at my passport photo...."you Mr Bean!" - haha - git.


This is the border - you can't see obviously, but the market is behind. I had a choice of border or market pics and well, a marked is just a market.

So with the visas renewed we jumped back in the minivan and headed off back to "home". We were supposed to stop at Tescos in a large town (Trang) so we could stock up on UK things like wine and also... a KFC!!! - when I mentioned it, one of the people in the van moaned "some of us have to work tomorrow" - it turned out 3 or 4 of our fellow passengers were working the season on the Island and could not bear to add 30 mins to a 12 hour day. For pete's sake. 12 bloody hours and they can't wait for 30 mins. This turned out to be the least of our worries. (p.s. they were happy to hold us up with fag breaks!)....

About an hour or two into the return journey one of the girls in the van told me with great alarm that the driver was falling asleep. Sure enough, looking at him in the mirror I saw him constantly blinking and then slowly closing his eyes, then nodding down, then waking with a startled look, then repeating this. We both agreed this needed to be dealt with BEFORE he crashed so I called forward to a German chap at the front who spoke Thai and asked if he could ask the driver if he was OK, and that I'd be happy to take over the driving. This German chap was the same chap who protested at the KFC stop, looking at me with great distain. He refused to help , telling me that interfering with a Thai chap's work was offensive to them. "I don't give a F**@! who is offended - our lives are at risk!" - he still refused to help and didn't even bother putting his seatbelt on. In fact, to our amazement, only three of us put our belts on - bear in mind he's doing up to a ton on bumpy roads. People can be incredibly thick in an attempt to be "cool".

At this stage I shouted at the driver, "STOP NOW! - you are not awake". He refused and said he was OK. We got him to pull into the next service station and bought him more Red Bull, and I moved to the passenger seat and spent the rest of the 4 hour drive looking him in the eye and occasionally taking to him and moving my arms about to catch his attention, all the while being prepared to grab the wheel and knock it into neutral should he drop off. Not the most relaxing journey.

We never stopped for shopping and KFC - we just wanted to get back alive! - bloody idiot passengers. I still can't believe how many people are prepared to "see what happens" rather than stand up and be vocal.

Anyhow (deep breath) - all sorted now! - next time we are hiring our own vehicle.

Did I mention we get island-wide power cuts? Sitting under candlelight right now. Hope it does not last - all the water stops without power so we can't flush the loos, and no showers - in this humidity.

..back - it's the next morning now. K went out with some girls staying here to a beach party last night. Got back at 4am tsk! :-) - I bailed out - I've got a cold (how the hell do you get a cold here!?!). She's just woken up with a mega hangover and my cold.

The Thais round here are really into their songbirds. As I mentioned before the owner, Kun, had lots of song birds in cages dotted around the "resort" and yesterday we found out why. They compete with all the other bird owners each monday. It's very bizarre. We went to see it hapenning - he came 2nd out of 100 last week so was hoping for his first win this time.

They hang all the bird cages on three rows of lines, and then a man with a whistle, a bucket of water, and a pot with a hole in it blows his whistle. The jusdges then watch the birds, one at a time, and mark on their score card how many times they sing. The whistle-man puts the pot with a hole in it in a bucket of water and when it sinks then that's his cue to blow the whistle again. Between each whistle blow your bird must sing 8 times or you are out. They have two heats. The 1st lasts about 40 mins and the second round for the finalists lasts anything up to 3 hours depending on how stiff the competition is. You see all the owners encouraging their birds to sing with a plethora of sounds, body signals, etc. It's quite fascinating. Kun didn't make the final this time, his best bird is growing new feathers so he had to use one of his "backups".


Kun and Lap on a not so successful Bird singing day.

It was a good experience doing something with the locals and it was kinda nice that a fair few Thais there recognised us from when they come here to play football so we felt very welcome. The "taxi" driver was also rather suprised we wanted to go to the song bird competition. They clearly don't get much tourist interest. Then again, it's not much of a spectator sport :-)

We found a movie on their computer here of the Tsunami hitting where we are staying. It's fascinating to watch. The sea rushes sideways along the beach in a manner much like the Severn Bulge - but carrying fishing boats and debris. Everyone is standing on the shore line watching, then it comes back, then all of a sudden it comes inwards, decimating three bungalows and any other things in it's path. The wave was only a metre high at the most but it's relentless nature gave it it's destructive power. I have a copy but I won't upload it until I've checked with Kun that he's hapy for me to do that. It even has a shot of him running like hell with the wave behind him.

Just been on the phone to Matt. He and Justin are at Bangkok Airport and will be with us early this afternoon. We've organised a BBQ and some fireworks for their arrival.

Wil sign off now. Here is a little pic of the spider I mentioned in the last post. Notice her lovely sack of eggs. Euchhh!


Oh yeah - also, below should be a travel map of our journey so far....

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At War With Nature

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Well, life ambles past us with not too much excitement to report – though we’ve been having a fun battle with the bugs.

We moved rooms a week ago – our bungalow was prebooked by other people – we moved to a larger one but back in the woods a bit and away from the beach. The problems started the night we moved in. I awoke to the unmistakable feeling of being crawled over and found a cockroach in my hand! When we got up to get rid of it we found 3 or 4 more scuttling round the room. I nuked them. When we got up in the morning there were yet more, plus a million mozzies.

We thoroughly sprayed the room but it continued. We eventually got the owner to sort it out and the problem largely evaporated, but we missed our sea front views so we’ve moved forward again and are ensconced in our hammocks for most of the days.

All this bug action (not forgetting I got attacked by a centipede in bed) has left us both rather “twitchy” – if one of us so much as brushes against anything suspicious at night (no sniggers please) we are awake with a jolt. On top of this, Kirtsin spotted a huge spider in our room yesterday but didn’t tell me for fear of seeing me run for the hills screaming. She had a hard time sleeping as you can guess but he’d seemingly left the room in the morning so she didn’t say anything – that is until we found it in the bathroom. It’s the size of a hand ! with a large egg sack attached! – we go the staff to remove it.

So now we are tentatively eying up sealed aircon rooms nearby – with free wi-fi! – we like it too much here to leave, but we may move there for maybe a few days, just to get some decent sleep.

We hired a scooter last week and rode right round the island having a good old explore. We stumbled across the “fish farm” and an enthusiastic guy took 50baht from us each (80p) and walked us to the corner of a large pond and basically told us they grow prawns,( which he showed us a net with about 8 in), it takes a lot of food to feed them, and in 6 months they’d all be very wealthy. And that was it. I had to ask him to walk us round the pond. That was the highlight. Fun nonetheless : - )


We cruised round the rest of the island, finding odd little bars here and there, one with a spectacular vista over a bay and out to sea.

The staff here, plus a bunch of their friends from another operation all meet here and play football for 40 minutes every day at about 4pm. It’s fun to watch in the comfort of a hammock. I decided to take a few “sports” shots. I actually got a few good ones with people in the air, and heading the ball etc, but the one below is only there because it tells a tale…………


………That ball bounced up and hit the camera dead on in the middle! As I saw it getting larger in the viewfinder it instantly dawned on me it was getting far too big far too quickly so I put my hand out and partially deflected it. Camera survives – phew.

Other than that, we are just bumbling around, walking down the beach trying the different bars – had a BBQ in our table last night in a French restaurant on the beach. Devine fillet beef on the BBQ – and all for £5 plus booze.


This is the kinda place we have to slum it in – but we manage.


This lifestyle is suiting me : - )

Oh - I've added a few pictures and a movie to http://s97.photobucket.com/albums/l235/dodgey99/Thailand%202008/

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At One With Nature

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Yo! Thought I’d do a small update after about a week or so of doing very little :-)

We have actually done a couple of things. We went to the “monkey school” on the island, where apparently they train monkeys, for what purpose we weren’t sure. We found out. They train them to stand with makeup on holding a parasol looking like a Chinese lady, cycling about on a tricycle, or releasing coconuts from ropes. It was entertaining but we were too uncomfortable that they were all on choke chains and got a firm tug when then didn’t behave as demanded. It was odd, you could look at their eyes and they looked like shy little people. There were lots of baby monkeys (all chained to posts) who you could go and play with. We declined making contact – neither of us have had rabies jabs and it’s a risk we are not prepared to take, no matter how much assurance is given.

The other thing, well, it was just me. I went for a hair cut. I wandered about 1km down the road and found a lady who cuts hair, in her garage. 80 Baht (£1.30) later I was clean cut. She was terrifying. She got a cut-throat razor our at the end – not uncommon, this has happened to me in the more old fashioned barbers in London. Not only did she use it to doe the back of my neck etc, she did my ears (cutting one), then MY CHEEKS! – I could not say a word – she’d have cut me a new mouth. When I say my cheeks, I don’t mean like a normal shave, I mean my cheeks – right under my eyes. I had a few days stubble growth so she sculpted me the George Michael look. I shaved as soon as I got back to the bungalow.

We have got well and truly into the way of nature. We have to! The bungalows are in no way sealed from the outside world, in fact, they are pretty much open. This is our shower room, and as you can see, making the roof meet the walls was clearly not a priority.


… As you can imagine, we get visitors from all walks of nature. On the third night, I was part-dreaming about jellyfish stings on my neck and shoulders – getting repeatedly stung sharply all over. I was brushing away imaginary tentacles when I woke up to the certainty that I’d just actually brushed off something very real, solid, and alive. I switched on the torch and a long centipede scuttled under my pillow. I had rolled onto it in my sleep and it was biting me all over – yuck!!

After we’d managed to brush it off the bed (it promptly ran under the mattress – great) a huge cockroach ran over our mosquito net. We were at one with nature.

We’ve started to gather a collection of frogs too. It started with one in the bedroom a few days ago. We left it in a corner assuming it would go back the way it came, wherever that was. We found 2 more yesterday in the bathroom – making a total of three in there now. We are not sure if they come and go, or they are getting in and getting stuck. We have decided to monitor the number of frogs and if the bathroom population increases any more we might have to act.

Make no mistake, we don’t mind frogs. They just sit there looking frightened and unsure what to do. The problem is they are snake food, and that is making my wife feel rather edgy.

I put my trunks on the other day and a cockroach fell out of them onto the floor. Nice.

I have a huge can of “kill-all” bug spray now. Whilst we are at one with nature, we are also at war.

Last night we awoke to a lot of sound coming from the bathroom. The sound of something large on the toilet lid – enough weight to make the cistern make clanking sounds as it rocked, and a lot of rustling. There is no door between us and the bathroom.

All the frogs are gone. We guess it was a large frog-eating “something”. Maybe a lizard. We have a small one that lives in the roof – we know because twice now he’s lost his footing and slid off onto the floor by our feet. We guess he has a larger father.

Coconuts are dangerous. Daily we witness one or two falling from about 40ft up. They’d kill you! I heard the ominous crackling sound of one breaking free on my way from the bungalow to the bar in the dark – I put my hands over my head and ran like hell – but were to run? Bloody trees everywhere!

Woke up yesterday to see the solution at hand. All we could hear was the sound of coconuts raining down on the ground. A lad had shimmied the 40ft-odd up the trees and was breaking all the ripe ones free. He just used a piece of rag tied to his ankles as a kind of “U” grip. No doubt you’ve seen this on the Discovery channel as we have before. Very risky job, and boy did he take is time carefully coming down each tree.

(If you look closely you can see the lad in a red shirt at the top)

I never thought it would happen, but I’ve been wearing a Kaftan! – Kirstin’s no less. It was an odd moment when I realised that I was going through my Wife’s wardrobe for something cool to wear. I can see why now – the perfect thing for hot sticky nights.

(It had to happen)

Talking of fashion disasters – I had a fun one on the Koh Simillian Islands. When we got onto the speedboat to go to the islands we had to put all our shoes in a bin bag (no shoes on the boat thanks). Once we had settled on the main camping island we were given the bag to get our shoes back. No probs – mine are unique so it was easy to rifle through and find them.

24 Hours later I went to put them on. Left foot, fine, right foot – Hmmm – not right. Must have put it on my left foot. Swap, still the same problem. Odd – maybe I broke one? Then it hits me. I now have two left shoes :-(

Kirstin is looking at my commotion and wondering what’s wrong with my shoes. Then she starts laughing uncontrollably. Crying.

I’m now stuck with two left shoes for the rest of the trip – and you needed shoes there. Two shoes.

(yep – I walked like this for a day and a half)

When the rest of our boat group arrived for dinner I looked at everyone’s feet. It became an obsession. No one had shoes like mine, and certainly no one was walking round with two right feet. One person had no shoes on at all. I decided this was my best chance to solve the mystery.

“Have you got shoes like mine?”, I asked, “YEAH! – you got my shoes!!” - , “Um, nope, I have one of your shoes – where are yours?”, “I left them in the bag by mistake and they went back to the mainland”. I walked off at this stage (well, hobbled off). Much rather have two left shoes that none at all.

We were reunited with our corresponding odd shoes when we went back to the mainland. The Thai chap in charge of lost property was totally bemused as to why I arrived with two shoes and took a “Third” from the bag – he wanted a copy of my passport and everything. Fortunately my opposing shoe-mate arrived and the matter was settled, though I don’t think the Thai chap was any the wiser.

I’ll sign off now. I’m typing as I watch our resident Alcy sip his “morning beer”. He gets up at 8am every morning, sits in the same chair, and drinks beer until midnight – when he is totally pissed but still able to order more beers. Often the manager, Kun, walks him to bed, especially when his language starts getting blue. He must be a very profitable customer. I was going to post a pic of him in the morning having breakfast beers but I might get sued!

Anyhow, I’ll leave you now, as K does her daily Yoga.


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Life in the fast lane... not! (From Kirstin)

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Kho Lanta

Hello Everyone, thought it about time that I added a little something to Rog’s superb blog efforts, especially as we are now quite settled for the next month and so there isn’t a whole heap of anything daily to report. Part of this is an extract from my travel diary so apologies if there are repetitions in any of Rog’s previous extracts to date.

Kho Lanta
When we arrived on the island I was absolutely exhausted and over-heated from the journey so we got a taxi to take us straight to the nearest resort hotel so we could rest that night with a plan to hire a scoot the next day and go and find our own paradise.

So much for spending way over the odds for a bit of luxury resort living – the bathroom was open air and therefore hosted a continuous party of mosquitoes which, despite the air-con in the bedroom, found there way in to devour my face over the course of the night. The resort itself was also overrun with Swedish families holidaying no doubt to get over their miserably dark winter – a fact we had in fairness been warned about. Nothing at all against the Swedes but a little too family orientated for us right now.

The next morning sporting 6 bites on my face, including one on my left eyelid, we hired said scooter and trundled off down the coast road in search of somewhere more suitable to put down roots for a few weeks. What a superb plan it was. After checking out the “Where Else” bungalows and Bee Bee’s, both of which were indeed as characterful as they had been described but a little too basic for our liking, we found Fishermans Cottages.

A more perfect place would be hard to find! We have the best bungalow overlooking the sea and set on the little “green” which the rest of the bungalows are situated around, giving the whole place a tiny village atmosphere – there are only 11 bungalows in total. The place is run by a Thai chap named Kun who has spent time in London and whose English is therefore very good. His staff, Tom and Lap (also Thai) are extremely friendly and helpful too and between the three of them they cannot be more accommodating. We even keep a bag of chocolate in the beer fridge for when the munchies take over! As our bungalow is at the front of the green near the beach we are also only a hop, skip and jump to the bar which is delightful as we can enjoy morning coffee on our porch and cold beers at sunset in our hammocks. (each bungalow comes with a hammock but they hung another one for us so we could each chill out in comfort) Welcome to “Rancho Relaxo”!!

The bungalow itself is concrete, white-washed which makes for no dark corners for anything to hide in which we much prefer and whilst the bathroom is a quarter open air it actually doesn’t bother us as at night we sleep relatively soundly under a big square mozzy net.

There was one incident the other night however when Rog woke up having been bitten by a small centipede – yuck, horrible things – so we sprayed underneath the mattress and so far so good. I think we have resigned ourselves to having to accept a little bit of nature once in a while – just takes a little more to adapt when it’s actually in bed with you!

Rog has at long last figured out how to get internet access when and wherever we want it using his Thai phone – no surprise to any of you I wouldn’t think ; - ) – and so he is as happy as a sand boy as he is now able to interact with the “real” love of his life….Poker! Can’t complain really as I am chewing through books – oh what a chore!

(Roger with his 1st love)

Usually at about 4pm once the heat is starting to dissipate a little all the guys including staff here kick a football around on the “green” for a bit of exercise and camaraderie and Rog volunteered himself as goalie last night (possible moment of madness bought on by the local beer) so we shall see and if such a sight is witnessed I shall be on the sideline (from my hammock) taking pictures for you all. In fairness he has already exercised his Frisbee talents with the other lads so watch this space ; - )

(There is life in the old man yet)

Suffice to say that life is pretty good just now and we are still revelling in having absolutely nothing to do and no time schedule to have to keep…my legs grow hairier by the day as it is just too much like hard work to get out of my hammock to go find a waxing salon ; -)

Until the next time….or as they say over here “Pob Gun Ka”

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El Paradis

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Been a few days since our last update. We were setting off on our 3-day, 2 night snorkelling trip on the Koh Simillian islands. Reputed to be some of the best snorkelling in the world. When we arrived at the main departure center for the snorkelling trip we soon realised we were going in a large group. We were given stickers to put on our shirts which denoted which type of trip we were on. No matter, it was to be an adventure! We zoomed off in a speedboat with 2 x 200Hp motors – no slouch! – the sea was quite choppy – enough for us to get airborne a fair bit – landing with an almighty thud. All the while I’m recovering from the trots.

After about an hour or so we reached our 1st snorkelling spot. After being briefed about not stepping on stonefish and watching for sea snakes we took the plunge (at last! – I can use that expression!) – it was pretty cool – plenty of colourful fish and some not so exciting coral. I got stung to hell by remnants of jellyfish tentacles (K has already been through the same experience).

It seemed every other tour boat went to the same bays at the same time. You’d be looking at some lovely fish when someone would swim right across your face, through the fish. Bit like swimming in Oxford Circus.

It doesn’t take long to get exhausted snorkelling, so after about 10 mins we got back on the boat for a smoke and a soft drink. No sooner had we relaxed than our guide started blowing his whistle, “30 minutes up! Come come!”. Off we shot to the next bay. Same thing. Snorkel, rush, whistle, go.

We stopped at an island for lunch – a few noodle and chicken dishes which had clearly been sitting in the sun waiting for us. Within the hour I had the trots again, sigh. Not being able to fart freely for me is akin to not being able to breathe. Any fart is a HUGE gamble.

A bit more average snorkelling (always accompanied by the whistle – even after lunch we were “whistled” back onto the boat) and then off to the final island where we were to sleep. We were given the clear impression that we’d be camping on the beach – you know, romantic idea of tent on beach, open fire, BBQ etc. It was a camp site much like in the South of France. A camp sight absolutely dominated by mozzies and loads of rats! There was 100%, totally, completely, nothing, nada, zero, to do in the evening. Nothing. I really mean nothing at all! So we got pissed chatting to a totally crazy Spaniard who was hilariously animated when he spoke, then crashed in our tent, fearing for our lives.

The highlight of the evening – Hermit Crab Racing. Honestly.

By the morning we decided that we could not do 2 more days of the whistle tour and one more night of the rat-tent, so we jumped on a boat and went back. It was a good experience to a point, but not for us. The sea, however, was the clearest I’ve ever seen, and I did some independent snorkelling and saw some stunning coral up close. (Don’t touch they said, so one girl cut her fingers open in the very 1st dive lol ). Oh I didn’t mention the toilets and showers. If we end up in the Bangkok Hilton I think we both are well prepared after that experience.

Did I mention the sea was clear?

NO, this is not a sunset. It’s a Moonrise. Never seen that before!

At this stage we were hankering for a good wash and some air-con. We stayed in a hotel in Khao Lak and it was bliss – they even had a fridge and TV! – I went to see a pharmacist and she explained that I had a tummy infection (maybe bowel) and gave me 5 days worth of anti-robotics (only £1.50!) – I was cured within 12 hours and can now resume my farting. Ahhhh.

Off then we travelled in a local bus to Khoklong where we switched to a minibus to go to Koh Lanta – it was only 200Baht each for aircon minibus and ferry transfer. We found out why. Instead of catching the high speed ferry to Koh Lanta we got two very small car ferries 70Km further down the coast. It was a good experience overall – lots to see and the van was very comfortable. The ferries were the size of the ones I used to catch in the Scottish Highlands.

At Koh Lanta we just wanted to stay somewhere easy to get our bearings for one night so we let them take us wherever. Long Beach Resort. Quite pricey but aircon with a pool etc. We’d been told by several people that Long beach is known to many as “Stockholm” as it’s been taken over by the Swedes. They were right. Not a bad place at all but expensive and felt much like a holiday resort. We never thought we’d say it, it’s funny, but we both immediately found ourselves hankering for a more “backpackery” location.

We found a cool bar and watched our 1st proper sunset.

We hired a scoot this morning and checked out, off in search of more suitable accommodation and bingo, we’ve bloody found it! Took a few tries. Some places are simply too basic, some are too plush and expensive. The one we have found seems like heaven. We are sitting drinking cold beers about 20ft from the water in a very chilled environment. The hosts could not possibly be more friendly. The more we travel through Thailand, the more we can confirm they are truly lovely people.

It’s peaceful here and our host, Kun, has explained that mainly UK travellers stay here (they are still on their way back from the Koh Phangan full moon party) – and when there are about 20 or so guests, he hosts small beach parties where everyone gets to chat to each other and have a chilled time. (here is the Fisherman’s Cottage).

You can order a seafood BBQ and you have to give them 3 hours warning. They sail out, catch it, then cook it. WoW! : - )

A place we sit to eat and drink. Funky stuff like this is everywhere.

Slavvy and Chris are on their way down to meet us as I type and we’ve reserved them a room (Slavka has got the same botty problems as I had so I’ve been playing the role of doctor Roger recently – giving advice on antibiotics that is). It’s very funny – they have much the same taste as us and we get on like a house on fire. Can’t wait to see them.

It also looks like Matt and Justin will be coming over to join us in late Feb – if you are reading this chaps – we have found heaven again ! - oh and Matt- don’t frigging call me at 1am doh! K nearly killed me!

We also popped out today to investigate more upscale options should we need it and we found an awesome place on the beach with aircon and internet etc – 1800 Baht a day (800 more than we are currently paying). We are happy where we are for now but it’s nice to know there is comfort round the corner if need be.

This is our new home in Koh Lanta

Having a super time and glad to have settled again.

R&K x

Small Update – 29th Jan, we’ve been here a few nights now and it’s blinkin’ fab! – wake up at about 8am to the sound of songbirds (Kun has several in cages he peppers around the garden so they sing to each other all day) – grab a coffee from 10 paces away, then sit in the hammocks and watch the day begin. Learning some Thai too! – and I’ve got my mobile working on the Internet so I’m online now, albeit amazingly slowly.

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